Thanks to EdFringe for keeping me off the streets

150812 fringe

As stated in one of the comments posted below the above pic :  “I’m far too old to be busking unplugged on the Royal Mile.” That was in 2010 when I came to the Fringe for the first time. Nowadays, I limit my Edinburgh busking to “indoors only” unless it’s positively sorchio. Today the temperature is 19°C and the heating is on.

Mind you, I could just as easily have been back on the streets again if EdFringe had taken seriously the whining of ‘a member of the public’ who wrote a letter of complaint about me, presumably in the hope of getting my music show Autumn’s Here banned because – also presumably – the person writing the letter doesn’t agree with my political views.

You see, I’m a controversial, loud-mouthed but articulate dissident. My opinions have made me unpopular with feminists as well as with the far right, ‘leftist’ Zionists and assorted Islamophobes. EdFringe told the Festival organiser responsible for offering me a slot – who in turn told me – about the smearing letter.

Before accepting the Fringe offer and registering my show, I explained to the chap concerned in full transparency what’s been happening i.e. that my political views regarding the illegal treatment of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories – Gaza and the West Bank – have provoked a smear campaign against me.

And it’s not just the usual name-calling, oh no. I’ve also been branded a rape apologist and apparently I have at least one restraining order against me. Not the first time such nasty rumours have been spread by idiots hiding behind anonymous Twitter accounts. The lengths some will go to. Extraordinary.

As one Twitter user remarked :

Outing Internet trolls is – I have concluded – a waste of time because once the troll is outed, he or she will create another ten sockpuppet accounts to target you with. Twitter Support can’t keep up. I’ve lost two accounts @Alixir13 and @Alison_Chabloz as a result of this smear campaign. The first had 700-ish followers and the 2nd almost 1,000.

It’s a pain losing a big account three months before the Edinburgh Fringe. My new account @AJCTmusic has just under 100 followers and therefore far less possibilities to promote myself properly. Please do follow if you feel inclined.

Ah, well… I guess it’s back to good old fashioned flyering. My posters are looking pretty nifty as well – what do you think ?

150811 Fingers

Autumn’s Here is on every night (except Mondays) at 19:45 at Fingers Piano Bar, Frederick St., Edinburgh until August 30.


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